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Credit Card Fraud

In recent years, police and other members of law enforcement have been increasing their stop credit card fraud. Due in part to a need to protect the growing e-commerce industry, law enforcement has been developing more sophisticated techniques for uncovering the fraud and handing down stiffer penalties to those who are convicted.

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Defending Against Credit Card Crimes in Connecticut

Because credit card fraud is not a violent crime, it is categorized as a
white collar crime. A form of identity theft, credit card fraud and related crimes encompass a variety of activities, including:

  • Stealing an actual credit card
  • Using data from another person’s credit card
  • Selling data from a stolen credit card
  • Counterfeiting credit cards through skimming or other techniques
  • Unauthorized use of a credit card
  • Opening a credit card with somebody else’s personal information
  • Selling items obtained by from stolen credit cards or credit card data
  • Buying items with stolen credit cards or credit card data

Whether a credit card has been forged, illegally manufactured or the fraudulently used, the penalties for credit card fraud are severe. Depending on the scope of the fraud, individuals may face ancillary charges such as money laundering or conspiracy.

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